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C & L Distributing, an Anheuser-Busch InBev beer distributor, was a company that in its infant stage had an owner, Arland Carlson, who with his hard work and great vision grew this company to be the strong distributor that it is today. Journey with us through C & L’s great history of growth and success.

The birth of C & L Distributing was in 1980 when Arland (Brownie) Carlson and his partner Richard Lyter purchased Anheuser-Busch distribution rights and leased a small warehouse in Royalton, MN which housed 5 employees.  In 1987, Brownie bought out his partner and decided to grow the company on his own. With his leadership, and assistance from his dedicated staff, the company’s sales increased at a strong rate.  Brownie then had to make the decision to expand his facilities by building a 17,000 sq. ft. warehouse on Summit Avenue in Sauk Rapids. With a continued increase in sales through the years another expansion was needed. In April of 1996 Brownie once again relocated his business to its current site which sits on 5 acres at 1020 Industrial Drive, Sauk Rapids. With the employee count up to 75, the company was starting to see the rewards of its labor.

With Brownie’s confidence in sales and a new vision for growth, he decided to take the opportunity to purchase other AB distributors. Thus, began his consolidation plan to grow his company even more.  In December of 1998, C & L acquired the distribution rights of another Anheuser-Busch distributor in Brainerd. Then in May of 1999 Triple G of Glencoe was acquired. These acquisitions led C & L to manage 3 sites and currently employ 120 full and part time employees.

Sadly, majority owner Brownie Carlson passed away in 2007.  The current majority owners are Joan Carlson-wife of Brownie, and their daughter Josie Crawford. The company’s President and equity agreement manager is Tom Dick who is a 4th generation beer wholesaler.

The current products that are housed under C & L Distributing’s profile include Anheuser-Busch InBev (Bud, Michelob, Busch, Shock Top, Stella, and Becks.), Arizona Tea, Jones Soda and Dad’s Root beer. Also added to this repertoire is a line of craft beers from the following breweries:  Abita, Alaskan Brewing, Boulder Beer, Deschutes Brewery, Goose Island, Odell Brewing, Southern Tier Brewing, and Stone Brewing.

C & L Distributing

Mission statement:

Achieve long-term profitable growth through superior customer service, commitment, dedication and the capacity to adapt to change.

C&L Distributing Vision Statement:

To be the premier beverage distributor in our territory by forming long lasting business relationships with employees, customers and beverage partners.

Core Values:

Teamwork, Positive Attitude, Integrity, Communication, Accountability, Passion